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T-Bag: Series 1 [DVD Video Disc]


Buy T-Bag: Series 1 [DVD Video Disc] on DVD with Jim Norton, Elizabeth Estensen, Jennie Stallwood, John Hasler.  Another great DVD choice at www.dvdsource.co.uk.  Click on the 'Add to your basket' button.

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The complete first series, plus the Christmas special, of the 1980s ITV children's series. When Debbie (Jennie Smallwood) comes across a mysterious board game in an antique shop, she is magically transported to a world in which people cannot read because of the dastardly deeds of wicked witch T. Bag (Elizabeth Estensen) and her sidekick T. Shirt (John Hasler). Debbie must now solve a series of alphabet-related puzzles to outsmart the evil enchantress and win the game. Episodes are: 'Arrival in Letterland', 'Debbie in the Land of B', 'Debbie in the Land of S', 'Debbie in the Land of I', 'Debbie in the Land of P', 'Debbie in the Land of R', 'Debbie in the Land of V', 'Debbie in the Land of O', 'Debbie in the Land of E' and 'Debbie's Journey Home'.




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