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Cat in the Hat [DVD Video Disc]


Buy Cat in the Hat [DVD Video Disc] on DVD with Alec Baldwin, Taylor Rice, Danielle Ryan Chuchran, Sean P. Hayes, Amy Hill, Dakota Fanning, Spencer Breslin, Mike Myers, Kelly Preston, Brittany Oaks.  Another great DVD choice at www.dvdsource.co.uk.  Click on the 'Add to your basket' button.

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The Cat In The Hat who goes by that name is played by Mike Myers of comedy fame! It starts with two kids on a cold, cold, wet day. Their mum is at work, and they`ve got no games to play! Then in walks fun in the form of a Cat, who pulls out the laughs from the brim of his hat. Things get really wild when The Cat and his crew (who go by the names of Thing 1 and Thing 2) take over the house of Conrad and Sally in this fine family film that`s right up your alley!

Sally Walden and her brother Conrad`s boring day is about to be turned upside down by a mysterious cat in a magical stripy hat. This frisky feline unleashes a world of mayhem and takes them on an unforgettable journey of chaos and fun!

This movie throws you straight into the totally fantastical world that organised sister and messy brother Sally (Dakota Fanning) and Conrad (Spencer Breslin) live in. Both are left with the strict instructions from their mother Joan Walden (Kelly Preston) that the house must remain spotless and tidy as she is hosting a company party that evening. Joan`s boyfriend and next-door neighbour Lawrence Quinn (Alec Baldwin) is trying to weave his way into her affections and oust the children, in particular Conrad who he sees as his main threat.

Rather fed up by the miserable weather they`re jolted out of boredom by the arrival of a talking cat with a magical red and white hat who wastes no time in cheering them up with his juggling antics but destroys the order of their house in the process. Add to this his helpers Thing 1 and Thing 2 who do the opposite of what they`re told and the Cat`s chaotic world descends on to the Walden house.

Making his feature debut, director Bo Welch uses his previous experience as a renowned production designer (Men In Black, Men In Black 2, Batman Returns, Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice) to good and bewitching effect.

This adaptation of Dr Seuss` beloved The Cat in the Hat story, brought to life by a talented cast and visionary director, will mesmerize its young audience. The DVD Extras provide more fun and mischief including a hilarious dance-along, out-takes, deleted scenes and a `making of` feature.




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