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Lee Evans: So What Now? - Complete Series 1 [DVD Video Disc]


Buy Lee Evans: So What Now? - Complete Series 1 [DVD Video Disc] on DVD with Lee Evans, Sophie Thompson, Steven O'Donnell, Stewart Wright.  Another great DVD choice at www.dvdsource.co.uk.  Click on the 'Add to your basket' button.

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Comedy sensation Lee Evans returns from success in Hollywood,to bring his madcap phyical humour to the small screen. Thrown out by his wife,Lee move in with his cynical pal Stuart into the flat of failed It girl Heather. MOVING OUT:In which our hero wrecks one marriage,two flat and an Estate Agents. SOFA SO GOOD:A lost ring sends Lee on a voyage to the bottom of the settee and back. SWINGERS:Single and up for it,Lee brings his own rules to the dating game. THE HOUSE GUEST:An inflatable Stuart gets the better of our flexible friend ACT OF GOD:Why is Vince so keen to get Lee"insuranced up"?They certainly don't need another complimentary carriage clock. Also includes titles such as Fear of Flying,The Limo,and Parole. This DVD is only suitable for 15yrs and over.




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