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Fawlty Towers: The Complete Series 1 [DVD Video Disc]


Buy Fawlty Towers: The Complete Series 1 [DVD Video Disc] on DVD with Connie Booth, John Cleese, Bernard Cribbins, Robin Ellis, Andrew Sachs, Prunella Scales, Ballard Berkeley, Gilly Flower, Trevor Adams.  Another great DVD choice at www.dvdsource.co.uk.  Click on the 'Add to your basket' button.

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A TOUCH OF CLASS: Lord Melbury arrives and Basil is only too pleased to cash his Lordship's cheque. THE BUILDERS: The lobby is in need of a face lift, so when Sybil's back is turned, Basil goes for the lowest quote job. THE WEDDING Party: Basil is outraged by an outbreak of promiscuity at Fawlty Towers. THE HOTEL INSPECTORS: Basil hears that hotel inspectors are in the area, just after he has been exceptionally rude to a guest. GOURMET NIGHTS: The cream of Torquay society is present for a special gourmet night at Fawlty Towers. THE GERMANS: While Sybil is in Hospital Basil tells some German tourists the "TRUTH" about their fatherland.




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