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Chinese Traditional And Contempory : Various [CD Audio Disc]


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Track listing

1 Xiyang xiaogu (Flute and drum at sunset)
Wu Man & Ensemble
2 Dengyue jiaohui (Lanterns and moon competing in brilliance)
Wu Man & Ensemble
3 Run
Wu Man & Ensemble
4 Wulin yiyun (Ancient melodies of Wulin)
Wu Man & Ensemble
5 Niao tou lin (Birds in the forest)
Wu Man & Ensemble
6 Bawang xie jia (The tyrant removes his armour)
Wu Man & Ensemble
7 Han`gong Qiuyue (Autumn moon over the Han palace)
Wu Man & Ensemble
8 Chen Sui (Chen and Sui dynasties)
Wu Man & Ensemble

9 C-A-G-E IV
Wu Man & Ensemble
10 Xu lai (Sounds of nature, by LIU Tianhua, 1929)
Wu Man & Ensemble
11 Xiao Pu`an zhou (The mantra of Pu`an)
Wu Man & Ensemble
12 Yue`er gao (The moon on high)
Wu Man & Ensemble
13 Gu yun san die (Ancient poem in three verses)
Wu Man & Ensemble
14 Dian (The Points, By CHEN Yi, 1991)
Wu Man & Ensemble
15 Shimian maifu (Ambush on all sides)
Wu Man & Ensemble
16 Yang`guan san die (Three verses on yhe Yang pass)
Wu Man & Ensemble




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