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18th Letter : Rakim [CD Audio Disc]


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Track listing

1 I Know You Got Soul
Eric B. & Rakim
2 Intro
3 Follow the Leader
Eric B. & Rakim
4 The 18th Letter (Always and Forever)
5 Eric B. Is President
Eric B. & Rakim
6 Skit
7 Microphone Fiend
Eric B. & Rakim
8 It`s Been a Long Time
9 I Ain`t No Joke
Eric B. & Rakim
10 Remember That
11 Lyrics of Fury
Eric B. & Rakim
12 The Saga Begins
13 My Melody
Eric B. & Rakim
14 Know the Ledge
Eric B. & Rakim
15 Guess Who`s Back

16 Move the Crowd
Eric B. & Rakim
17 Stay a While
18 Let the Rhythm Hit `Em
Eric B. & Rakim
19 New York (Ya Out There)
20 Mahogany
Eric B. & Rakim
21 Show Me Love
22 In the Ghetto
Eric B. & Rakim
23 The Mystery (Who Is God?)
24 Casualties of War
Eric B. & Rakim
25 When I`m Flowin
26 The Punisher
Eric B. & Rakim
27 It`s Been a Long Time (Suave House mix)
28 Paid in Full
Eric B. & Rakim
29 Guess Who`s Back (Alternative mix)
30 Outro




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