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Psalms Of David 2cd : Kings College Choir [CD Audio Disc]


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These vintage recordings of some of the best-known psalms in the Anglican-chant repertory were made between 1968 and 1974 and previously appeared as three mid-price CDs. They are now collected together complete on two CDs, at budget price.

Track listing

1 Psalm 81: Sing we merrily unto God
Robert Philip Goodenough
2 Psalm 122: I was glad
George Ratcliffe Woodward
3 Psalm 22: My God, my God, look upon me
Samuel Wesley
4 Psalm 42 : Like as the hart; Psalm 43: Give sentence with me
James Turle
5 Psalm 78: Hear my law, O my people
Arthur Henry Mann
6 Psalm 104: Praise the Lord, O my soul
William Crotch
7 Psalm 93: The Lord is King
George Mursell Garrett
8 Psalm 61: Hear my crying, O God
Samuel Wesley
9 Psalm 94: O Lord God, to whom vengeance belongeth
Samuel Sebastian Wesley
10 Psalm 24: The earth is the Lord
Sir Joseph Barnby
11 Psalm 49: O hear ye this, all ye people
Thomas Attwood Walmisley
12 Psalm 121: I will lift up mine eyes
Sir Henry Walford Davies
13 Psalm 107: O give thanks unto the Lord
Ivor Algernon Atkins
14 Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepherd
Sir John Goss
15 Psalm 45: My heart is inditing
William Hawes
16 Psalm 46: God is out hope and strength
Martin Luther
17 Psalm 37: Fret not thyself
Sir John Goss
18 Psalm 84: O how amiable are thy dwellings
Sir Hubert Parry

19 Psalm 53: The foolish body hath said
Sir Charles Villiers Stanford
20 Psalm 15: Lord who shall dwell
Sir John Goss
21 Psalm 130: Out of the deep
Sir Henry Walford Davies
22 Psalm 137: By the waters of Babylon
George Mursell Garrett
23 Psalm 131: Lord, I am not high-minded
Sir David Willcocks
24 Psalm 147: O praise the Lord
Sir Charles Villiers Stanford
25 Psalm 148: O praise the Lord of heaven
Thomas Attwood Walmisley
26 Psalm 149: O sing unto the Lord
Thomas William Hanforth
27 Psalm 150: O praise God in his holiness
Robert Philip Goodenough
28 Psalm: 126 When the Lord turned again
George Mursell Garrett
29 Psalm 65: Thou, O God, art praised in Sion
Henry Smart
30 Psalm 66: O be joyful in God, all ye lands
Ivor Algernon Atkins
31 Psalm 67: God be merciful unto us, and bless us
Sir Edward Cuthbert Bairstow
32 Psalm 114: When Israel came out of Egypt
[religious music]
33 Psalm 115: Not unto us, O Lord
Gerald Hocken Knight
34 Psalm 12: Help me, Lord
Charles Henry Wilton
35 Psalm 133: Behold, how good and joyful
James Turle
36 Psalm 134: Behold, now praise the Lord
James Turle




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